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I want to share with you my observations regarding Alton Towers. Well, I have only good remarks because all that I saw there the time I was visiting was only positive :) Obviously, if you have some other experience please share it with us, it may be useful for our Readers.Alton Towers Website

Alton Towers is one of the biggest and the most popular holiday destinations in the United Kingdom. The resort, located in Staffordshire, consists of a theme park, a water park and a hotel complex. The theme park is famous for its Variety of rides and rollercoasters, including:

  • Air – world’s first “flying” rollercoaster – due to its construction and specific rail path, passengers really feel like they’re flying!
  • Oblivion – world’s first vertical drop rollercoaster – a thrilling ride that has a maximum speed of 68 miles per hour, with a drop that will make anyone afraid of heights!
  • Nemesis – the first inverted rollercoaster in Europe, which gives its passengers the chills due to many twists, turns and even twirls during the ride.
  • Runaway Mine Train – A classic rollercoaster which can be boarded by smaller theme park guests while still being fast and exciting.

And many others. Aside from rollercoasters, Alton Towers also offers fun water rides and huge slides that go through waterfalls and water fountains, Battle Galleons which gives their riders an opportunity to shoot water at other ride participants, a haunted house and a castle which gives everybody the chills. The park is also equipped with its own monorail system to transport its guests between hotels and different parts of the resort. It’s probably the best choice for a short holiday break for everybody – the variety of rides will satisfy those who look for huge thrills and those who’d rather relax, the water park will surely make any hot summer day worth remembering, and the hotel complex can accommodate people who search for a bit of luxury and comfort during their vacation.

I was there 5 years ago with a group of friends. We got “shaken” by Oblivion and Nemesis. Well, it is possible that a lot has changed since then. But for that time experience I could recommend it not only to young people but also families with small kids. I would not be wrong if I say that even mature people could find there something for themselves, Alton Towers is not only a crazy roller-coaster site but first of all a beautiful and picturesque greenness where you could breathe some fresh air.

Useful Information:

ST10 4DB

Telephone: +44 871 222 3330


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