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#Rooibos Tea for Cooler Autumn Evenings

Hello again!

I hope you are all fine. Last time you heard from me was still during a humid and hot summer – and today? Well, it smells like we are somewhere in  #autumn 2014 :)

I remember I was giving you recommendations what food to prepare for a hot summer day and how to “extinguish” your thirst

Today I would share with you my recent discovery –  #rooibos tea. Yep, rooibos also called the “red bush” plant from which a tea is made.

 #Rooibos tea flavour and aroma

What is special about rooibos tea? Hmmm, I would not be wrong if I say that those who tasted it once wish to taste it again. The flavour and aroma taste incredible especially during autumn and winter seasons. The tea is an excellent warm-up. Personally I drink it with honey or even on its own without anything.

 #Rooibos tea health-related benefits

Are there any  health-related benefits of drinking this particular tea? I was reading in different sources that rooibos tea brings a number of benefits to those who drink it. In short, it is a true antioxidant, a powerful mineral bomb but caffeine free at the same time. It is safe to drink for pregnant women or those who breast feed.

 #Rooibos tea – where to  #buy?

If you live in the UK rooibos tea you can find in any major supermarket like Tesco or Sainsbury’s.




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