#Brighton & Hove – unforgettable #nightlife experience!

Brighton and Hove

When I write about UK towns, I want to make you really understand why they are worth visiting. Today’s choice is a fine one. I am going to talk about Brighton and Hove, an amazing urban area from East Sussex County. Once you go there, you must also visit other neighboring towns, including Shoreham-by-Sea, Southwick, Portslade and Preston. According to my hotel experience, I recommend that you either stay at Royal Albion Hotel (35 Old Steine) or at Hotel Pelirocco (10 Regency Square). If you are on holiday, then forget all about driving and stress. Eliminate all problems by choosing an airport taxi for transportation. Surely, if you are coming to Brighton and Hove on business, you can arrange for one of those deluxe executive cars.

What I like the most about Brighton and Hove is the opportunity to explore new activities. Once you arrive into this town, you must try the Ross Boat Trips. You can have an amazing time while on the boat and you will surely enjoy yourself. For watersports enthusiasts, there is another appealing alternative to discover. I am talking about Lagoon Watersports. Here, you have the opportunity to try out a wide range of watersports, having the time of your life. At the end of the day, you will feel quite tired and this is why I recommend scheduling a taxi cab in advance.

The transportation choices are always very important for me. When I need to go back from Brighton and Hove to Gatwick airport, I choose minibuses. Don’t ask me why, as you know a large family has to travel together. For the 29 miles distance, we pay around £196. In 35 minutes, we arrive to the destination, which is perfect. I sometimes travel with my grandmother; she is quite old and cannot walk for too long. Last time we traveled from Brighton and Hove to Heathrow airport, we have chosen a wheelchair taxi. We covered the 66 miles distance in one hour and 12 minutes, paying £119 for the journey. Returning to the travel between Brighton and Hove and Gatwick airport, I have to confess that often times I stop on the road at Arora Hotel (Southgate Avenue, Crawley) or at Best Western Birch Hotel (Lewes Road, Haywards Heath). My choice in restaurants on the road includes Happy Meeting (76 The Boulevard, Crawley) or Tai Kar (18-20 Sussex Road, Haywards Heath).



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