Cambridge – do not wait longer with visiting it!


When my brother went to study at Cambridge, I found it to be the perfect moment for me to visit the town. As far as I knew, Cambridge was part of Cambridgeshire County, being found in the eastern part of England. When I went there, I also visited nearby towns, such as Chelmsford, Harlow, Bedford and Huntingdon. On my two visits, I stayed at Regent Hotel (41 Regent Street) and Hotel Felix (Whitehouse Lane, Huntington Road). The second time I traveled with a group of friends, having arranged for one of those comfortable minibuses to take us to Cambridge. I use the same taxi company as my dad; he often reserves executive cars for his business travels.

As a tourist coming from the first time to Cambridge, I had to try out the city tour. Believe me when I say it – it was the most amazing experience of my life, especially since I visited the King’s and Queen’s Colleges. Being somewhat of a museum geek, I couldn’t resist the temptation of visiting Fitzwilliam Museum. Part of the University of Cambridge, this museums hosts collections of art and antiquities, which is definitely worth visiting. I especially wanted to take my friend Beth there; she is in a wheelchair and she doesn’t go out too much. So, I arranged for a wheelchair taxi to take us to the museum.

From Cambridge to Gatwick airport, I prefer to travel with a taxi cab. The 95 miles distance is covered in one hour and thirty-nine minutes and I just love the awesome price, £172 – for a saloon car. The travel is more pleasant when I stop on the road at Travelodge Hotel (Edinburgh Gate, Harlow) or at Saffron Hotel (8-12 High Street, Saffron Walden). I also love eating at Miller & Carter (London Road, Harlow) and The Mogul (21 High Street, Saffron Walden). My brother has also told me that I can reserve an airport taxi online, for my travels between Cambridge and Stansted airport. Estate cars cover the 29 miles distance in 34’ and the price of journey is somewhere around £59.


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