carlisle in cumbria

Carlisle in Cumbria


Carlisle is the town where my grandfather grew up and I have always wanted to visit it. When he said that he was going to Carlisle to handle some business, I quickly agreed to go along. I knew that Carlisle was located in Cumbria County and it was surrounded by a number of important towns, including Blackwell, Penrith, Keswick and Brampton. We decided to visit these towns as well, discovering the North West of England. We narrowed down our hotel choices to Hotel Ibis (Portlands, Botchergate) and Hallmark Hotel (Court Square) and we flipped a coin to decide. My grandfather also took care to reserve an airport taxi for the ride back.

My grandfather is a young soul and he wanted me to see the finest of Carlisle. After he handled his business, we stopped at the Carlisle Cathedral. It goes without saying that this was indeed an architectural jewel. He also meant for me to see history and culture, taking me to visit Hadrian’s Walls and the remains of the Roman settlement that once existed in this area. It was an amazing day and one that you will remember for many years to come. After this day, we wanted nothing more than to sit down and relax. We took a taxi cab and returned to the hotel. My grandfather told me that he used to bring my grandmother to Carlisle, using a wheelchair accessible taxi adapted to her needs.

Before arriving to Carlisle, I had already formed an image about the town. My father had also mentioned that he used to come to Carlisle on business, traveling in fancy executive cars. For the fun of it, we arranged for an executive car to pick us up from Carlisle and take us to Gatwick airport. The 342 miles were covered in 5 hours and 17 minutes and we paid £829. On the road, we stopped at our favorite hotels, meaning Premier Inn Aylesbury Hotel (Buckingham Road, Aylesbury) and The Crown Hotel (545 King Street, Stoke-on-Trent). My granddad is a big eater like myself, so we dined at La Salute (3 Kingsbury, Aylesbury) and at Harvester (Stanley Matthews Way, Trentham Lakes North, Stoke-on-Trent). The next time we will be in Carlisle, we will travel with one of those minibuses to Newcastle airport. I have already checked out – there are 58 miles to be covered in 1 hour and 11 minutes at the price of £416.



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