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Coventry – Something Inspirational about the Town for Young Mothers with Children


I have two sons and, last month, I decided to take them on a small trip to Coventry. As I had traveled before to Coventry, I knew for certain that this West Midlands town was going to be to their liking. I also planned to take them to other towns in the area, including Royal Leamington Spa, Rugby, Birmingham and Leicester. As for hotels, I had to decide between Village Urban Resort Coventry (Coventry Business Park, Dolomite Avenue) and Ramada Hotel & Suites Coventry (Butts, Coventry). In the past I had used both of these hotels, when I traveled to Coventry on business. I often used executive cars for my business travels, but this time I was traveling with my boys and I preferred a regular taxi cab.

My boys are quite the genuine music fans and I thought I’d surprise them with a visit to Coventry Music Museum. They absolutely loved it and they made me promise we would come again really soon. And because they are boys, I could not avoid taking them to the Game & Entertainment Centre. When they saw how many gaming opportunities there were, they were speechless… for about five seconds. Both of them had the time of their life, thanking me for being such a good mum. I had to drag them back to the hotel and they were so tired that we preferred to take one of those lovely minibuses.

I had arranged for an airport taxi to take us from Coventry to Gatwick airport. The 134 miles distance was covered in 2 hours and 4 minutes and I paid somewhere around £239 for the journey. I also explained to my boys how grandma uses a wheelchair taxi when she needs to travel from Coventry to Birmingham. She is grateful that she pays only £25 for the 12 miles distance and that she reaches the destination in only 17 minutes. As for us, we stopped for breaks on the road at Cromwell Lodge (9-11 North Bar Place, Banbury) and at Littlebury Hotel (Kings End, Bicester). The boys wanted to eat at Paw Paw (56 Bridge Street, Banbury) and at The Muddy Duck (Main Street, Hethe, Bicester). It was the perfect time that we spent all three together.



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