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Exeter – Official Host City for #Rugby World Cup 2015


Even since I was a little girl, I dreamt of visiting Exeter. I knew the town already from the stories of my father, but I wanted to see it myself. So, I arranged for a trip down to Exeter, promising to myself that I would also visit the rest of Devon. I chose four others towns in the South West Region of England, meaning Seaton, Exmouth, Torquay and Plymouth. As for hotels, I had to choose between Jurys Inn (Western Way) and Premier Inn (398 Topsham Road). I chose the latter, because I liked it better. I preferred a taxi cab to other means of transportation, as it was both cheap and comfortable.

I had read so many times about the medieval underground passages of Exeter that I had to visit them. And I was right. My expectations were exceeded, as going through these passages gives you an unbelievable sense of adventure. I had also chosen to visit Exeter Castle, not only for the architectural jewel that it is but also for the Festival of Rugby held annually. Tour groups were available for Exeter Castle, so I jumped into one of those minibuses and made a day out of it. I remembered how my father used to visit these parts of Exeter on his business travels; even today, he travels in one of those executive cars and makes sure that he pays a visit to his beloved places. Exeter is an official host city for Rugby World Cup 2015!

From Exeter to Gatwick airport, I took an airport taxi. The 183 miles journey lasted 3 hours and 19 minutes and I paid £322 for a saloon car. My father told me that, last month, he traveled with a minibus from Exeter to Exeter airport. The 7 miles distance was covered in only 16 minutes and he paid £100. He had also arranged for a wheelchair taxi for a friend of his. As for myself, I stopped from my travel at Novotel (25b Friar Street, Reading) and at Audleys Wood Hotel (Alton Road, Basingstoke). I also enjoyed myself at two very nice restaurants, meaning Pepe Sale (3 Walk Queens) and The Brown (The Street, Old Basing).


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