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Gloucester – a cheese paradise!

Together with a group of friends I decided to visit Gloucester. When we arranged our itinerary, we also decided to visit other towns in Gloucestershire, including Sandhurst, Stroud, Cheltenham and Worcester. As our group was pretty big, we decided to stay at two hotels. We made reservations at Premier Inn (Tewkesbury Road) and at The New Inn (16 Northgate Street). For transportation around Gloucester, we preferred to hire one of those spacious minibuses, so that we could all stay together.

As we had all studied history, we decided that the first place we should visit was the Gloucester cathedral. We had the opportunity to discover an amazing old and historical building. As one of our friends was interested in everything that related to the war, we also paid a visit to the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum. After that, we went to dinner and talked about our day in Gloucester. We returned quite tired to the hotel with a taxi cab. For our friend who was passionate about the war, we reserved a special wheelchair taxi. Unfortunately, he was unable to walk after a bomb explosion in a war camp in Afghanistan.

From Gloucester to Gatwick airport, we took a minibus. The 128 miles journey was covered in 2 hours and 13 minutes and we paid the affordable sum of £916. One of our friends traveled from Gloucester to Gloucestershire airport with an airport taxi. He covered the 8 miles distance in 14 minutes and paid around £25 for a saloon car. He also told us that he normally covers this journey with one of those executive cars. As for the rest of us, we stopped on the road at the Elmhurst Hotel (51 Church Road, Reading) and at Marriott Hotel (Pipers Way, Swindon). We also dined at Mya Lacarte (5 Prospect Street, Reading) and at The Old Bank (18 Wood Street, Swindon).


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