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I often like to take my mother to place she never was before. This spring we decided on Hereford, in the heart of West Midlands. We also said that we would visit other towns in the area, such as Worcester, Gloucester, Evesham and Birmingham. When it comes to hotels, we take a lot of time deciding, as there are so many lovely choices. This time, we had come down to two final choices, meaning Castle House Hotel (Castle Street) and Premier Inn (Holmer Road). Mother decided on the last, as she liked it more. We arranged for a taxi cab to take us everywhere we wanted to.

Mother has always had a passion for art and this is the reason why the first place I chose for her was the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery. I was right in making this choice, as she loved the museum and its amazing art collection. Next, we visited the Hereford Cathedral, as she is also a history fan. She used to be an architect and she has an incredible eye for detail. While we were walking around the town, she told how she visited so many places before. Last year, for example, she visited a large part of the UK, her and the rest of the group using minibuses for transportation. Only one of her friends preferred the wheelchair taxi, as she had a physical infirmity.

From Hereford to Gatwick, we traveled with an airport taxi. The 157 miles distance was covered in 2 hours and 59 minutes and we paid £279 for a saloon car. During our stay in Hereford, we made friends with a lady from Gloucester. She traveled from Hereford to Gloucestershire with one of those executive cars. The 36 miles distance was covered in 58 minutes and she paid around £88. As for us, we took small breaks from the travel at Premier Inn (Tewkesbury Road, Gloucester) and at Palm Hills (London Road, Bracknell). We at The Tall Ships (134 Southgate Street, Gloucester) and at Peacock Farm (Peacock Lane, Bracknell).


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