Hot weather – what to eat…when to warm to do so?

Dear Friends, I hope your are fine. I am serving today some delicious topic – food :) We have summer so right about time to talk about summer food.


Last years have proven that the proverbial English weather is not as prevalent during the summer on the British Isles. Sometimes temperature can reach 100° Fahrenheit, especially in the city, where asphalt, concrete and glass heats up very quickly. On such a hot day, it’s hard to find drink or food that will cool us down for longer period of time. Fortunately, English cooking traditions can offer some help in this subject.


First of all – liquids. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated on a very hot day. If you’re out of work, a vast selection of traditional English beers can be a great help. But remember – choose light ones, as alcohol and high temperatures don’t mix well, and you want to relax, not get yourself drunk. Country’s love for beer is well known worldwide and you will surely find the type you like. Open one, drink it slowly, relax. It will make a hot summer evening a pleasure, especially if you mix it with some fine food that won’t burden your stomach, like a summer tomato tart or a cauliflower and chickpea rice, which are English recipes ideal for this time of the year.


If you like something even more traditional than English beer, try cider. This alcoholic beverage (which ranges from 1,2% ABV to above 10% ABV in the oldest English recipes) is made from fermented apple juice and, when cold, can keep you cool longer than a beer. English ciders are available in literally all convenience stores in the United Kingdom.


For those who look for something non-alcoholic, yet still traditional drink, there is an interesting option of trying Dandelion and Burdock – a soft drink that has its roots in Middle Ages. As the name implies, it is made of dandelion and burdock roots and tastes a bit like root beer or sarsaparilla. You can use it to replace more standard fizzy drinks like coke. Most retailers sell artificially flavored D&B, but some companies still use original, old recipe. Look for bottles with information containing “real plant extract” notes.


During hot days, you probably don’t feel as hungry as usual. That’s why many chefs recommend to eat light meals which will still give you enough energy to get through the day. Vegetable soups, fish and salads are probably the best choice – English cuisine has a lot of recipes like cream of asparagus, leek and potato soup, smoked salmon and dill and many others. Try them – they are simply delicious!


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