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Lichfield – a town that uplifts your senses


They say that when you dream about going to place, that place is actually calling you to go. Well, I dreamt of a place where I used to go with my parents when I was little. I immediately decided to visit it. Lichfield is located in Staffordshire and it is more than lovely. I also thought about visiting other towns in the area, including Tamworth, Burton upon Trent, Derby and Stafford. I found two lovely hotels, meaning Best Western The George Hotel (14 Bird Street) and Cathedral Lodge Hotel (62 Beacon Street). I decided on the second, as it was closer to several tourist attractions. As for transportation, I chose one of those executive cars, as I was traveling with a large group. We also had someone with us who was handicapped, so we arranged for a wheelchair accessible taxi as well.

It was amazing to discover places I have seen as a child and pass them through the filter of adulthood. The Lichfield Cathedral was just as beautiful as I remembered it and it was a pleasure visiting it. The same thing I can say about Beacon Park; I remembered walking hand in hand with my father and taking in the open air. The day was splendid and I did not want it to end; however, I was so tired, that all I wanted was to reach my hotel. We arranged for a taxi cab to come and pick us up.

I chose an airport taxi to travel between Lichfield and Gatwick airport. The beautiful estate car covered the 159 miles distance in 2 hours and 27 minutes; I paid £337 for it, which I believe to be a great price. The rest of the group traveled from Lichfield to Birmingham airport; they used one of those minibuses for the ride. The 21 miles journey was covered in 22 minutes and they paid around £132. As for myself, I stopped at Woking Hotel (Chertsey Road, Woking) and Easington House (50 Oxford Road, Banbury). I also enjoyed some fine foods, by eating The Anchor (Look Lane, Woking) and at Paw Paw (56 Bridge Street, Banbury).


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