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Manchester – not only for #footbalfans


When a friend of mine told how she enjoyed herself in Manchester, I instantly wanted to visit this town as well. I planned a trip to the area of Greater Manchester, the towns on my list including not only Manchester but also Oldham, Stockport, Rochdale and Bolton. She recommended two very fine hotels, meaning Hilton Hotel (303 Deansgate) and Copperheads (187-189 Chapel Street). I chose the first one, as it seemed more suitable to my taste. As for transportation, she told I could get a regular taxi cab or one of those luxurious executive cars. I decided on an executive car, as I have always enjoyed luxury.

As this was my first time in Manchester, I particularly wanted to see the Centre of Chinese Contemporary Art. I have a passion for Chinese art and I have always wanted to see what this centre had to offer. I loved it and I would return any day to see it. I have also visited the Police Museum, so as to satisfy my husband’s passion for the police force. We returned to the hotel with another group, using one of those comfortable and spacious minibuses. We also had the opportunity to see how a wheelchair accessible taxi came and picked up a person with special needs. I was deeply moved and appreciated the taxi company providing such service.

I traveled with my husband from Manchester to Gatwick airport. We used an airport taxi to cover the 235 miles distance in 3 hours and 49 minutes, paying £410 for the journey. A friend of us traveled from Manchester to Manchester airport; he used an executive car for the 10 miles journey. He reached Manchester airport in 18 minutes and paid around £35 for an executive car. Together with my husband, I stopped at The Crown Hotel (545 King Street, Stoke-on-Trent) and at Premier Inn (Uxbridge Road, Slough). As for restaurants, we enjoyed ourselves at Baby Russets (42 Kingsway, Stoke-on-Trent) and at Kai’s (467 Bath Road, Slough).


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