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Newcastle upon Tyne

The thing I like to do most is traveling. It opens your eyes to new people and it helps you get out of your comfort zone. My last travel was to Newcastle upon Tyne, in the county of Tyne and Wear. I loved it there, discovering not only Newcastle upon Tyne but also Gateshead, South Shiels, Washington and Sunderland. After my car accident, I started to travel more than before, as I was conscious that we spend too little time doing what we love. I arranged for a wheelchair accessible taxi to handle my transportation and went to Newcastle. It was the first time I was using a taxi cab and I loved it. As for hotels, my friends recommended Hotel Indigo (2-8 Fenkle Street) and The Vermont Hotel (Castle Garth). I chose the first, as it was more interesting.

My father had told me all about Newcastle upon Tyne; he travels all the time here, on business, using one of those executive cars for transportation. He was the one who recommended Theatre Royal Newcastle, which was indeed spectacular. He also told me I should visit the Great North Museum and he was absolutely right; the planetarium is amazing and I was glad to have visited it. After a complete day out on the town, I was more than weary. I traveled back to my hotel in the adapted taxi, while the rest of the group took one of those minibuses.

From Newcastle upon Tyne to Gatwick airport, I traveled with an airport taxi. I enjoyed the 322 miles ride, which lasted for 5 hours and 16 minutes. The journey with the taxi was £558. The rest of the group traveled from Newcastle upon Tyne to Newcastle Airport; their 7 mile journey took 10 minutes and they had to pay £25 for a saloon car. As for myself, I made two stops on the road, at The Varsity Hotel & Spa (Thompson’s Lane, Cambridge) and at Premier Inn (Ham Lane, Petersbrough). When I got hungry, I stopped at Efes (80 King Street, Cambridge) and at Jimmy’s Restaurant (35 New Road, Petersbrough).



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