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Going to Norwich was my girlfriend’s idea and, at first, I was not so glad to go to Norfolk County. However, as she laid the entire itinerary before my eyes and said we would also visit other towns (Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Cambridge and Peterborough), I changed my mind. We each came up with a hotel; I proposed Travelodge (14 Queens Road) and she suggested Premier Inn (Prince of Wales Road). We decided on the first one, as it was more appealing at a first glance. As this was our first trip together, we chose one of those executive cars for transportation.

My girlfriend is a romantic persons and she loves nothing more than to walk, hand in hand, out in the open air. This is the reason why the first place we visited in Norwich was The Plantation Garden; she had read about the secret garden hidden in the heart of Norwich and she was really keen on seeing it. From there, we took one of those minibuses and traveled with a larger group to Norwich Cathedral; this time, it was my turn to be left speechless. I love old buildings and the cathedral from Norwich definitely fit the picture. After this, we were so tired and we took a taxi cab back to the hotel. We also saw a woman who asked for a wheelchair accessible taxi, as this was more suitable to her needs.

An airport taxi took us from Norwich to Gatwick airport at the fare of £266. The 150 miles journey was covered in 2 hours and 36 minutes with a saloon car. A woman, who we had made friends with, traveled from Norwich to Norwich airport with an estate car. The 4 miles travel lasted for 12 minutes and she paid £30. While on the road, we stopped at Salthouse Harbour Hotel (1 Neptune Quay, Ipswich) and at Travelodge Hotel (128 Parkway, Chelmsford). We ate at Loch Fyne Restaurant (1 Duke Street, Ipswich) and at Russells Restaurant (Bell Street, Chelmsford).



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