nottingham dungeons

Nottingham – known not only for its #dungeons


Dear, friends! You would not believe how great a time we all had in Nottingham. Three weeks ago, we decided on the spur of the moment that we should pick a city in East Midlands and visit it. Nottingham came to mind and we said it would be better if we also visited Derby, Burton upon Trent, Grantham and Mansfield. As the group became larger and larger, we finally had to stay at two hotels: Park Hotel (5-7 Waverley Street) and P&J Hotel (Castle Bridge Road). We arranged for executive cars to take us around Nottingham; in the end, we figured that it would be more comfortable to travel with a taxi cab than with our own cars.

All of us wanted to see everything that Nottingham had to offer. I had always wanted to visit the underground passages of Nottingham and this was the first thing we did. The City of Caves was an amazing adventure and I would gladly do it again. After that, we resumed to less exciting but nevertheless pleasant activities, such as a lovely stroll through the Arboretum Park. The entire group was pretty tired at the end of the day and we took taxis back to the hotel; a wheelchair accessible taxi picked up one of our friends, who required more attention.

The trip to Nottingham was lovely but we had to eventually come back home. An airport taxi picked us up from Nottingham and dropped part of the group at Gatwick airport; the 167 miles journey lasted 2 hours and 50 minutes, costing £413 for an executive car. The rest of the group traveled from Nottingham to East Midlands with one of those minibuses; the 15 miles journey lasted 24 minutes and they paid £100 for a minibus. Those of us who traveled to Gatwick airport stopped on the road at Holiday Inn (2 Percival Way, Luton) and at Jurys Inn (Clarendon Road, Watford). We dined at Bramingham (1 Quantock Rise, Luton) and at Zinco (89-91 The Parade, Watford).


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