peterborough cathedral

Peterborough – not only famous for its beautiful cathedral



I decided to visit Peterborough at the suggestion of a friend. She told me that the East of England had a lot of things to offer, so I thought about extending my trip to other towns in the area. I added Cambridge, Northampton, Bedford and Grantham to the map. She also suggested two very nice hotels: Best Western Orton Hall & Spa (The Village) and Holiday Inn (Thorpe Wood). I chose the first, as I wanted to relax at the spa as well. She recommended a taxi cab to be the best method of transportation and I took her advice. I later found out that she used a wheelchair accessible taxi, as she, at that time, was in a wheelchair because of a fractured leg.

The first thing that I wanted to visit in Peterborough was the Flag Fen Archaeology Park. If you are an archaeology fan, then this is the place you want to be at. I had the time of my life and I discovered a lot of interesting facts. I also visited Peterborough Cathedral, as I have a secret passion for old and historical buildings. I returned to my hotel with a big group of tourists, using one of those spacious minibuses.

An airport taxi helped me travel between Peterborough and Gatwick airport. The 132 miles journey lasted for 2 hours and 9 minutes; I paid around £235 for a saloon car. A friend I made during my stay traveled with one of those executive cars from Peterborough to Cambridge airport. Her 43 miles journey took 47 minutes and she paid £108 for an executive car. As for myself, I stopped on the road at The Lensfield Hotel (53 Lensfield Road, Cambridge) and at Travelodge Hotel (Edinburgh Gate, Harlow). I ate at Bibimbap House (60 Mill Road, Cambridge) and at Miller & Carter (London Road, Harlow).


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