Places worthy seeing while visiting the UK.

British Isles is a place that has a ridiculously long history – people lived here since the Stone Age and the signs of their presence can be still found everywhere. The Roman Conquest also left its mark on the Isles, as many thriving metropolises, like London and Manchester, were established as Roman camps. Viking Invasions, wars with Continental powers like France and Spain, colonization and imperial period and two World Wars also made the United Kingdom the country we know today. To gain knowledge about the long history of British Isles, you should at least the places we enumerate below. It is worth adding that they are not only some historical landmarks that you can see for a minute and move on – many of them can provide a lot of fun, as they have amenities accommodated for all types of tourists. Read on to know more.


Which are the best places to see in the UK?


Hadrian’s Wall – a huge, long (stretching for 73 miles) defensive wall that was built by the Romans to protect their English territory from Scottish tribes. It’s best to see the whole wall and there are roads built along it to ease the trip. Take a bike (or rent one) and see a 2000 years old landmark and a beautiful countryside around it.

Tower of London – one of the most famous buildings in England, which was formerly a high-security prison both for petty criminals and the enemies of the state. Now it houses British Crown Jewels – it’s a must see!

Big Ben – the iconic London clock tower that is a part of the English parliament complex. It doesn’t need any further introduction, because you’ve probably seen in in countless media. But seeing it with your own eyes is something you won’t forget.

Stonehenge – one of the oldest known human-built constructions in the world, erected around 2500 BC. Its builders and purpose are still not fully known and Stonehenge has an atmosphere of ancient mystery.

York Minster – ancient city of York is proud of its enormous gothic cathedral, built in the late Middle Ages. It rivals Notre Dame and Cologne Cathedral in beauty and size and gives the already old city of York even more traditional and historical vibe.

Lake District – the largest national park in England, located in Cumbria. The sight of rolling hills that seem to disappear in crystal-clear lakes is simply astonishing.

Chester – a 2000 years old welsh town, with Roman and medieval walls encircling an architecturally unique city centre. The history literally oozes from every nook and cranny of Chester.

Scottish Highlands – if you’re searching for a breathtaking view, look no further. Mountains and hills spanning through the whole northern Scotland is something that will make even the most diehard city dweller shed a tear at the natural beauty.


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