Redhill, Surrey

Private Hire – what is this about and for whom?

You might ask – “What’s a private hire service, exactly?” Simply speaking, Private Hire Service is a taxi that has to be booked and does not stop for anyone except the client who ordered it. It is a great option for those who wish to travel from one point to another without any delay. Dream Cars Gatwick offers such service for all those who value not only safety and comfort, but also speed and privacy that only a Private Hire Taxi can give. You do not have to hesitate! If you think that such service is expensive, Dream Cars Gatwick can prove the opposite – our taxis are for those who seek reasonable prices for a quality service.

All Dream Cars Gatwick customers can book a Private Hire Service that will get them from and to any airport, port and train station in the United Kingdom to their desired destination. You just need to pick a vehicle that will suit your needs best and book it before your trip – contact us by phone or use our booking form online. Then you can simply enjoy all the privileges of such service. The rest is up to us – we will ensure that your trip will be comfortable and quick. Choose Dream Cars Gatwick Private Hire Service. Your satisfaction is our most important goal!


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