Salisbury and #Stonehenge – why not to travel there by taxi?


Hey, girls! Next week, I plan on taking my mother to Salisbury, in Wiltshire. I have already figured my itinerary; we start with Wiltshire, then we visit Southampton, Basingstoke, Warminster and Newtown. My mother has never visited this part of England, so I am confident she will love it. I am having a hard time deciding on the hotel but I am glad I managed to narrow it down to just two options: Best Western Red Lion Hotel (Milford Street) and The Cathedral Hotel (7-9 Milford Street). I also arranged for one of those deluxe executive cars to take us wherever we want to. Perhaps we will also use a taxi cab, but I am not sure yet.

My mother is quite religious and she loves visiting old buildings which have a religious meaning as well. This is the reason why the first place I plan on taking her to is Salisbury Cathedral. I am absolutely confident she will love seeing it and feel peaceful at once. I also want to visit Fisherton Mill Gallery; I am a genuine fan of mills and everything related to the subject. I am confident that, at the end of the day, we will be dead tired. Perhaps we will take one of those minibuses and go back to the hotel, with other tourists.

From Salisbury to Gatwick airport, we will travel with an airport taxi. I will also inquire about the possibility of using a wheelchair accessible taxi, as this information might come in handy sometimes. The 97 miles distance will be covered in 1 hour and 46 minutes and we will pay around £176 for the journey. It is also possible to travel from Salisbury to Southampton airport; the 25 miles journey is covered in 34 minutes and it costs around £57 for an executive car. On the road, we can stop at Premier Inn (Worting Road, Basingstoke) and at Woking Hotel (Chertsey Road, Woking). We can eat at The Crown (The Street, Basingstoke) and at London House (134 High Street, Woking).


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