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Stoke on Trent – a #pottery #heritage

Hi! The weekend is back :) How about visiting Stoke on Trent? Did you know that Stoke on Trent is famous from its ceramic collection? Why not to see the exemplars in the Gladstone Pottery Museum – in a former potbank – in Longton? The Longton collection is considered as the industrial heritage, thus, worth seeing.

From London, if you go via Milton Keynes, Northampton and Loughborough, it will take app. 158 miles of a taxi journey, pretty far.But… it offers a wonderful opportunity to visit other places on the way, for example: Watford, Luton, Leicester or Burton upon Trent.

If you travel from Gatwick arena e.g. Redhill, then you will have to be ready for a 192 miles minicab drive. That adventure will be the cheapest if you go with a group of people and reserve a minibus. There are often city tours, especially in the spring-summer periods offered by taxi companies, worth googling out what is available on the market.

To find more information on the Gladstone Pottery Museum please visit their website:


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  1. Eva 1 May 2015 at 16:28 #

    Better suggestions for the weekend in Stoke on Trent? Let argue with me :)