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Be a Taxi Business and strive to achieve the ”3 Ps” but don’t drive over a guide dog of a blind man…

Just today a saw a post on Forbes by Micah Solomon titled When Customer’s Service Dog Is Run Over By Taxi, Southwest Airlines’ Culture Saves The Day. In a nutshell it is about PR policy of the South Asian Airlines who steer themselves towards the triple bottom line objectives and approach the needs of their stakeholders directly.

Forbes inclines that South Asian Airlines do care about their stakeholders and as an example they present an old story of a blind man’s guide dog (the dog was injured during a taxi trip to an airport).

The most amusing in the Forbe’s story is the fact that the ill-informed author does risk saying that the guide dog was run over by a taxi cab. However, as I have read in different articles across the web, for example here, there is no proof that the dog was injured by hit and run and naturally there is no evidence whatsoever that it was a taxi that had any relation to the accident. Even the owner himself never indicated that the dog was run over by the taxi. Let us take it an unfortunate comparison between “always ill-behaving” taxi business and the forever magnanimous aviation organization…

Well, this is not the guide dog nor the South Asian Airlines that I want to talk about. My main focus in this post is on taxi businesses and their PR strategies. I can’t help but wonder: What is the per cent of taxi businesses that have a PR strategy? I will repeat my question: Do UK taxi companies think and care about their Public Relations? If so, what do they do to achieve their objectives?

Honestly, I had a difficulty to produce for the purpose of this post a relevant article regarding PR and UK taxi businesses in the UK. I’ve “googled” PR taxi companies UK in various combinations but the search results generated were of none significance to this post. Is it the case that PR and taxi companies are not correlated? If so: why? Sponsored articles by rebU were not counted in my research J

However, I was lucky enough to dig out an old article from an academic journal regarding UK transport operator and their PR practices. I would encourage reading this specific article, thus, I restrain myself from detailed summaries. The major focus there regards broadly understood communication, communication which is perceived as a process and is of multilevel dimension. Around the 12 different variables the transport operator built up their PR strategy. I did fancy this article a lot. Why? Well, as so far I have seen no taxi business with inspirational PR, maybe even with a PR “idea” at all J With regards to the taxi business I have seen a lot of ill-maintained and multiple Facebook profiles, Tweets-spams, whisper marketing on each corner of the Web – all with lack of consistency and relevance to the audience, situation and place. But all these inconsistent attempts only prove that there is no strategy, don’t mention the PR alone.

Maybe you have some experience or heard about PR strategies in taxi industry? Feel free to comment and contribute – all opinions do matter!



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