Where to play golf in the UK?

I was doing some research on where to play golf in the UK – what is good is a reative matter but we can always try new things, can’t we? :)

Golf is the sport of gentlemen and a noble way to relax, center yourself and perform physical activity in peace. It is also, contrary to popular belief, very easy to learn (but hard to master, of course) and not only for the elite – anyone who has enough free time can immensely enjoy golf.

But, to enjoy it fully, you have to choose the best course, which offers something for everyone, where a beginner and an experienced player can train his or her skills. In this post you can read about some of the best golf courses in the United Kingdom.

  • Duff House Royal Golf Club – a beautiful golf course located in Aberdeenshire, which emphasizes the natural beauty of the area without too many artificial changes to the landscape. It is great both for professionals, due to its huge size, and for beginners, as it is mostly flat and you can easily skip difficult parts of the course.
  • Thorpeness Hotel & Golf Club – another golf course  located in Suffolk that shows how beautiful an English countryside can be, with lush forest and an astonishing windmill just beside the green. It’s one of the best courses for experienced players, as every hole has some difficult fragment that needs to be overcame.
  • Frilford Heath Golf Club – Probably the best course in Oxfordshire that offers an astonishing number of 54 holes – each with its own twist. Surrounded by beautiful forests and ponds it simultaneously offers a challenging experience and a comfortable place to relax.
  • Marriott Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club – One of the finest Scottish golf courses, which was recently renovated. A 1000 acres area offers everything an experienced player and a beginner needs, with difficult, hilly holes just by relaxing, flat ones.
  •  Bamburgh Castle Golf Club – this Northumberland golf course, built in 1904, has something unique, that no other course can offer – a stunning view of an ancient fortress of Bamburgh. Due to the astonishing looks and varied difficulty of every hole, Bamburgh often hosts major golf events.

Do you know some places worthy recommendation? Do not be mean and share your experience with us! :)

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